Restore the Hall

From grass roots to building roof, we seek to restore the East Randolph Hall as a gathering place for all of East Valley’s villagers & visitors.

The next time you are winding your way along Route 14 through Central Vermont, find the East Randolph Hall with its prominent white clock tower sitting just next to the Fire Department and you’ll see the gathering  place and home of celebration for East Valley villagers dating back to the mid-19th century.

The hall, like many throughout Vermont, was built to provide a common gathering place in East Randolph for the community up and down the Middle Branch of the White River. At over 150 years old, the hall is now in its third century of service and needs both repairs and modernization to be restored to community use. It needs structural and foundation work, chimney strapping, water damage repair, exterior cladding restoration & painting, roof repairs & painting, ADA-accessibility & public safety improvements, and interior upgrades to flooring, power, plumbing, and finishes. In total, the cost of upgrades with permitting & licensing is (very roughly) estimated at $500,000.

While the ultimate cost is to be determined, there is no denying the priceless value of the echoes of celebration inside and the joy that’s come from behind the historic theatre curtain hanging there even still (see pic).  It is a hall with a tradition of connecting neighbor-to-neighbor that remains perfect for its purpose to this day.

The town of Randolph was first settled in circa 1778 when Vermont was an unrecognized state whose government existed in defiance of the government of New York, which claimed Vermont was a part of New York. To encourage recognition of the state by the United States, the town was renamed in honor of Edmund Randolph.  Two branches of the White River provided water power for watermills. By 1859, the town had three gristmills, one oil mill, and one carding mill.

With the historic theatre curtain in the backdrop, East Valley Community Group members and potential Hall restoration funders/stakeholders met to activate this town asset again. March 2019


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