Barn & Porch Quilts

It takes a village to build this trail….of quilts. 


Take a drive through the backroads of Central Vermont and you will notice quilts & colorful tiles hanging on barns, silos, homes, general stores, even an old tractor. 

These custom-made ‘Barn Quilts’ across Vermont hills & valleys have been stitching together pieces of the Barn Quilt Trail.pqsh-01 started years ago in Franklin County, expanding every year and now including new pieces all throughout Orange County.

Since 2018, Randolph artists Joan Feierabend, Marcia Hammond, Cherie Landi & Sarah Sprague have led artistic community efforts to add to the Barn Quilt Trail throughout the East Valley. Working with East Valley Community Group, they’ve built artistic expression with community and added the fun of recreational activities (Porch Quilt Scavenger Hunt!) to both find & view each piece. Now there are over 50 barn & porch quilts on display throughout our hills and valleys, with more to come & celebrate!

The gallery below is a visual quilt of our East Valley Village art & heart. The gallery has grown to 40 pieces made by the hands of our community, connecting us across the valley as we add more images & artwork.  We welcome our villagers to add to this (see information below).

Images gathered from Public Posts & Contributors. If you don’t see your Barn Quilt or House Tile, we welcome a picture to add to the Village Quilt. Send it to

Barn & Porch Quilts are a ‘village wave’ at our neighbors as we drive by, leading with a trail of art thru our beautiful valley. Whether you paint your own or have one made by a local village artist, they are a perfect gift for anniversaries, birthdays, holidays and support East Valley artists.  If you have a barn, house or silo or any large surface on which to display a Barn Quilt or House Tile, we encourage you to consider any of the following options:


Paint Your Own Quilt:  EVCG will provide the board (MDO plywood), sized, primed (4 coats), sealed and ready to paint. The sizes are House Tile 2’ x 2’ and Barn Quilt 4’ x 4’, and we ask that you make a minimum donation ($25 for House Tile or $50 for Barn Quilt) to cover the cost of the board and the paint.  

♦ Collaborate with Village Artist

Collaborate with Village Artists:  EVCG has local village artists waiting to help custom-make your Barn Quilt that celebrates your individuality and legacy.  EVCG just asks you give a donation of your choice to EVCG’s Community Fund.  The suggested donations are:

Porch Quilt  2′ x 2′   –   $125.00
Barn Quilt  4′ x 4′   –   $250.00

Getting started is simple. To collaborate, just email Marcia Hammond or Joan Feierabend and they’ll help you start stitching things together!   Or, be a part of your neighbor’s quilt with a financial contribution to assist EVCG in purchasing wood tiles, paint & primer.  

  Donate Button for EVCG 
or MAIL to: 

East Valley Community Group LTD. c/o Allison Belisle, Vice Chair-Treasurer, P.O. Box 408, Brookfield, VT 05036