The Journey Begins Here…Together

Our vision is simple:  celebrate village life along the Middle Branch of Vermont’s White River!

Our mission is vital:  promote neighbors meeting neighbors.

East Valley Community Group

There is treasure to be found when we look for it — and we all believe we’ve found that in the East Valley Community of Vermont. Winding along the Middle Branch of Vermont’s White River, the East Valley Community loosely includes the villages from Williamstown to Royalton, yet ever-expanding as we grow and share a future together. 

To spark the celebration and forming those neighborhood bonds, a brave little group within the East Valley Community has been hard at work for the past several years to create fun-sharing events like the Ice Cream Social, Pumpkin Carving Contests, and adding Giant Puppets to the 4th of July Parade!

Further, to give us all a gathering place, this same group of volunteers has been coordinating with building officials, construction experts, funding sources, and more to bring the East Randolph Community Hall back into service year-round.

The East Valley Community Group is delighted to announce that momentum is BUILDING! Not only are new members joining the Committees, but we’ve also been receiving new interest in funding and project assistance for our “Restore the Hall!” campaign.

In 2019, we are revved up to host another Ice Cream Social, design and build more floats and puppets for the 4th of July Parade, inspire and participate in art and music celebrations, paint in the Barn Quilt art project, curate art tours, and continually promote the eccentricity and eclecticism of our gifted villagers of East Valley.  Most of all…we will be doing more community-building than ever!

East Valley Community Group

We ask you for just one thing….join in the fun because celebrating village life takes ALL of US!



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